TTHaler Zündapp Rookie racing

CRT and TTHaler Rookie class Racing on Zündapps. This class was introduced with the aim of introducing young people/newcomers, who do not own or can borrow a CRT (Classic Racing Team) approved motorcycle, to this branch of sport/hobby. Want to know more about the CRT and become enthusiastic about the Rookie class? Go to: [](Classic Racing Team)

The Zündapp Veteranen Club follows with great enthusiasm the activities of the CRT and especially the Rookie class. Chairman Wim Baetsen and Huub Custers of TTHaler ( decided in 2014 to organize a demo race. The TT Haler is now part of the championships of 2 historic motorcycle associations: H.M.V. and C.R.T. Last year there were about 300 participants.

The tentative agenda for 2022 looks promising with several new events: