Zündapp Veteranen Club

The Zündapp Veteranen Club was founded in 1987 by a few fanatical Zündapp riders. In the beginning it was more of a kind of friends club with mopeds in the vicinity of Eindhoven / Valkenswaard, but as the club became better known this changed quickly. The club has now grown to more than 650 members. In 1993 it was decided to register the Zündapp Veteranen Club (Z.V.C.) at the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce number is: 402-40124.

The objective of the club is to maintain all items and vehicles manufactured and manufactured by the German Zündapp factories up to and including the year 1984. To achieve this goal, various tours, meetings and exchange fairs are organized throughout the year, allowing enthusiasts to come into contact with each other to exchange experiences, tips, information, addresses or parts. Anyone who has a real German Zündapp is welcome. Some examples are:

Mopeds Motorcycles from 50 to 800 cc. Outboard engines Dwarf car "Janus" Sewing machines Lawn mowers Aggregates All mentioned items and / or vehicles are represented in the club, but it is mainly a club of motorcycles and mopeds.

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