Zündapp beurs Wijchen

The Zundapp parts fair in Wijchen on November 6, 2022 will of course continue.

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ZVC oldtimer ride Nijmegen

On Sunday 4 September we will ride another beautiful tour through the Rijk van Nijmegen. After the Nijmegen hills there will be a completely new route that will run towards Kevelaer and along the De Maasduinen National Park. We are very enthusiastic about the process. The total route is about 107 km long. Along the way we pass and through small villages where there are plenty of terraces. For oldtimer mopeds and motorcycles.

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NVT Nationaal Veteraan Treffen 2022

After the Nationaal Veteran Treffen had unfortunately been canceled twice, the intention is to have the event take place as usual in 2022 at the Exercitieveld in Woerden.

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TTHaler Zündapp Rookie racing

CRT and TTHaler Rookie class Racing on Zündapps. This class was introduced with the aim of introducing young people/newcomers, who do not own or can borrow a CRT (Classic Racing Team) approved motorcycle, to this branch of sport/hobby. Want to know more about the CRT and become enthusiastic about the Rookie class? Go to: [](Classic Racing Team)

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Zündapp Nürnberg Day 2022

The Zündapp Veterans Club is organizing a day on Saturday 21 May 2022 for Zündapp motorcycles produced before 1958 in Nuremberg; the Nuremberg Day! The day is open to all Zündapp owners and interested parties regardless of ZVC membership.

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Zundapp beurs Wijchen

Zundapp Parts Fair in Wijchen, near Nijmegen. Sunday 6 February continues!

Photos of your Zundapp

Are you working on a nice restoration project of a Zundapp moped and/or motorcycle and do you like to show something of it on, send us an email. thinks all Zundapps are great! Just send an email to [] (https://) and you will receive an answer right away. Privacy is guaranteed and everything is done in consultation. Take lots of photos during your project! Have you completed a project some time ago and would you like to let us know; also fine! Let us know and your project will be featured on the best viewed Zündapp website.

The ZVC Bramenrit 2021 was a great success.

The ZVC Bramenrit 2021 is over. It was a big old-timer party with no fewer than 148 participants and their old-timer moped and motorcycle. The preparation was intensive and exciting, because could the ride continue under the government rules and would the German local government give permission? But on Sunday September 5, Zündapps and all kinds of other brands drove up to the Kazérne site in Nijmegen and we were ready at the registration table. Here is a short photo overview. If you have nice pictures of the Bramenrit day, please send them to and thank you in advance. There will also be a report in the December issue of ZVC Magazine (September is now in print). Is your photo below and if you don't want this or do you need your name, please send me (Rob) a message via or FB.