VEC ignition coil

On the internet and at several two-stroke forums is discussed about the capacitor and pointless VEC ignition coil for use in two-stroke mopeds. Time for an overview of opinions and experiences about the VEC coil, to be precise; the VEC ignition coil type TV-2E.

For mopeds and motorcycles, which are equipped with the well-known Bosch ignitions, VEC has designed the ignition coil type TV-2E. This ignition coil can be mounted instead of the familiar Bosch coil sealed in black plastic. The dimensions are identical. This Bosch ignition is mounted in most Zündapps from around 1961. Before 1961 you often find the ELZJ Norris ignition 53 mm wide. This cotton wrapped ELZJ Norris ignition is approximately 4 mm smaller than the later black Bosch coils and also the crankset of for example the Zundapp 429 from 1959 with the ELZJ coil has a smaller diameter. The VEC coil does not fit there, because then the flywheel is stuck, if you get it already mounted. The VEC ignition coil is suitable for Zündapps with a Bosch point ignition from 1961 and later models with a crank tap of 17 mm and a base plate of 90 mm diameter.

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-A VEC coil is a coil that gets its timing from changing the north and south magnets on the flywheel. The VEC coil works with the existing flywheel. Ignition points and capacitor can be removed, they no longer participate. All electronics are in the VEC coil. -The motor turned after mounting the VEC coil and removing the magnet tips and capacitor full throttle without stuttering. (That was> 10k rpm's) The gas reaction has also been improved by the way. -VEC coils are electronic ignition coils, where the contact points and capacitor are no longer needed. Adjust once and never look back. -Start and runs a lot better and even observable with the strobe light and a certain timing course. -They are for sale at various webshops of Zündapp parts for about € 59.00. -Well a colder spark plug (eg NGK B8HS). -In principle it would be on every 6v and 12v, left and right rotating Bosch and Iskra ignition, similar to all Puch, Kreidler, Zündapp, Tomos, Sachs, Hercules and all other German brands, must fit. -Mounting of the coil is about the position of the points on the plate. And then the coil will have to be almost horizontal above.

When you light up the lamp during testing, you can see where the ignition is located. Bear in mind that the ignition is slightly (exiting) at high speed. There is a manual for building in and on the internet it is also. The VEC coil works by means of the magnets in the existing flywheel. They are polarized alternately. North-south-north-south. Because the magnets generate a current in the coil, it flows in one direction or the other, depending on the position of the magnets and thus the direction of the magnetic field. Twice per revolution, for example, is north left and south right. If the coil triggers on it, a spark will follow at that moment. Sparks therefore also do twice per revolution.

The use of the VEC coil in older Zündapp engines is not yet known. Do you have experiences with the VEC coil in your Zündapp? Send us a message.