Membership of the Zündapp Veteranen Club?


Become a member of the Zündapp Veteranen Club?

What does the club do?

  • Free club card
  • 3 x free access every year at the spare fair in Wijchen near Nijmegen
  • 4 x per year magazine in A4 format
  • Various tours and events
  • New Year's reception
  • General meeting; the members decide
  • ZVC is Fehac member and fights for preservation of the classic moped and motorcycle
  • Current website with tips, lots of photos and news
  • The ZVC is a national Zündapp club with members throughout the Netherlands and abroad

Membership runs per calendar year and amounts to € 25.00 per year from 1 January 2019 for the Netherlands and Belgium. To limit administration costs, the club prefers payment via direct debit.

The registration fee is one-time € 7.50. For this you will receive the Z.V.C. four times a year. club magazine and a unique membership card.

It is also possible for new members to enter membership on 1 July. The level of membership from 1 July 2019 of the calendar year will then be € 12.50 for the remaining 6 months. The one-time registration fee will always remain € 7.50, even if the new membership starts on 1 July 2019. On 1 January 2020, the complete membership of € 25.00 per calendar year applies. More than 700 club members preceded you.

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