Zundapp banned in The Hague.

Zundapp banned in The Hague? .. An article in the AD newspaper:

Zundapp banned in The Hague?

See also: https://www.ad.nl/den-haag/plan-om-puch-en-zundapp-te-verbieden-in-den-haag-voor-de-zomer-op-tafel~a5b107e8/

If the mention of Zündapps in the Dutch Mobile Heritage Register is going to be decisive for being allowed to continue driving, then it is good that the ZVC has access to the NRME and includes the Zündapp models in this. See also: https://www.zundappveteranenclub.nl/…/zundapp-als-mobiel-e…/

The Zündapp Veteranen Club has already included several models in the National Register of Mobile Heritage.