Leather bags for your Zündapp

Jo Benders from Nijmegen makes handmade leather bags for the Zündapp and Kreidler buffel tank. Jo has made a specific bag for each model, so that the line of the Zündapp is not disturbed. You may have seen Jo at the Zündapp parts fair in Wijchen. He is standing next to Piet Poot, immediately after the entrance on the right with some models. Various models are in stock and can be delivered quickly. If you want any information the leather bags, call Jo Benders in Holland on 024-3552143.

Zündapp parts trade show in Wijchen.

From 1996 the ZVC, in particular by Fred van den Berg and his team, organizes the Zündapp parts trade show in Wijchen. You can always succeed at this trade fair, if only to re-establish mutual ties and talk about our favorite brand. Even if you don't need anything, this Zündapp trade fair in Wijchen brings lots of fun and like-minded Zündapp enthusiasts.

The tour of Peter and Piet Poot in Merselo NL

The famous tour of Peter and Piet Poot in Merselo is getting closer to the agenda. On Saturday June 8 you can enjoy the Limburg and Brabant landscape from your classic moped or motorcycle. The tour is approximately 95 km through the beautiful nature of Limburg and Brabant. Specially for all older two-wheelers. The ride has been set out. Like every year, Piet and son Peter perfectly take care of the organization of this sympathetic ride.

Zundapp banned in The Hague.

Zundapp banned in The Hague? .. An article in the AD newspaper:

Brommers Kieken 2019

The Zündapp Veteranen Club, in cooperation with the Oude Gelderse Kerken Foundation, participates in the organization of the 5th Brommers Kieken event in Steenderen during the weekend of 10 and 11 August 2019. Steenderen is just across the German border in Gelderland.

Bramen tour 2019

He will be back on the ZVC tour calendar on 8 September 2019: the 6th ZVC Blackberry ride from the Kazerne in Nijmegen across the German and Gelderland hills.

Midden Holland Meeting 2019

The Zündapp Veteranen Club is organizing the Midden Holland ride again on Sunday 7 July 2019. Starting and collecting is again at the "Highlands" location in IJsselstein.

Kreidler ride in Neede

For the agenda. Coming from the Kreidler club Eastern Netherlands in Neede in Gelderland. I know that many Gelderse Zündapps also drive there every year. Kreidler and Zündapps mix on July 7, 2019 in Neede.

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