Classic Racing Team Holland Motorsport

The Classic Racing Team (CRT) organizes demonstrations of the motorcycle road racing sport that was held in the period between the Second World War and the beginning of the 70s. These demonstrations - which always attract a large audience - are held on (street) circuits and are generally free of charge. Although they are NOT competitions, the spectators are shown an authentic and realistic picture of the Dutch motorsport history.

ZVC tourride classic mopeds

On Saturday, August 8, 2020, the Zündapp Veteranen Club is organizing the annual Brommers Kieken tour in Steenderen, Gelderland. For Mopeds and Classic motorcycles.

Zundapp Bramen tour 2020

Also this year the ZVC Bramenrit for classic moped and classic motorbikes is planned.

Bromfiets TT-day 2020

On Sunday, July 5, 2020, a part of the TT circuit in Assen will focus on the 50cc two-wheeler that used to be seen in the streets for years. From everyday mopeds to nowadays very rare models. Curious visitors can go back to their "moped time" for one day and with so many mopeds they may even be reunited with the type of moped they used to ride.

Photos National Veteraan Fair Woerden

At the National Veteran Treffen in Woerden last weekend we saw beautiful old-timer mopeds of all types and brands. Some pictures:

Interview with Zündapp enthusiast

The "Reformatorisch Dagblad" interviewed ZVC club member Lennard Valk in April 2018 about his Zündapp:

ZVC tourride classic mopeds

The ZVC Bramenrit 2019 of 100 km from the Kazérne in Nijmegen is the next ZVC tour. He will be held on Sunday 8 September and the Nijmegen ZVC team is busy preparing. The route is already known to the organization and we will be putting the finishing touches on the coming days. The route goes from the start at the monumental Kazérne in a southerly direction along the Zevenheuvelenweg to Groesbeek and further along the Maas at Mook. Then over the hilly Berg and Dal to Kalkar. After the break on the Market Square in Kalkar we will go via the German Zyfflich near Kranenburg to Berg en Dal to ride back to the Kazérne via 12% slopes of the Kleefse Baan.

Stolen Zündapps in city of Brummen Netherlands

On Tuesday 30 July 2019, around half past one, these 2 Zündapp mopeds were stolen from a barn in Brummen, Gelderland, on Voorsterweg 45.