Interview with Zündapp enthusiast

The "Reformatorisch Dagblad" interviewed ZVC club member Lennard Valk in April 2018 about his Zündapp:

ZVC tourride classic mopeds

The ZVC Bramenrit 2019 of 100 km from the Kazérne in Nijmegen is the next ZVC tour. He will be held on Sunday 8 September and the Nijmegen ZVC team is busy preparing. The route is already known to the organization and we will be putting the finishing touches on the coming days. The route goes from the start at the monumental Kazérne in a southerly direction along the Zevenheuvelenweg to Groesbeek and further along the Maas at Mook. Then over the hilly Berg and Dal to Kalkar. After the break on the Market Square in Kalkar we will go via the German Zyfflich near Kranenburg to Berg en Dal to ride back to the Kazérne via 12% slopes of the Kleefse Baan.

Stolen Zündapps in city of Brummen Netherlands

On Tuesday 30 July 2019, around half past one, these 2 Zündapp mopeds were stolen from a barn in Brummen, Gelderland, on Voorsterweg 45.

Fehac newsitems

The Fehac is an umbrella organization of oldtimer clubs that fights for the preservation of the oldtimer in the Netherlands.

Holiday tips for moped and light motorcycle

The high season for the classic driving tours is already coming to an end. Many moped enthusiasts will make plans for the upcoming touring season in 2020. Zündapp.One gives you some tips for trips abroad.

Bold tour for classic mopeds

Some club members attended the Boldiek ride in Halle in the Achterhoek on Sunday 14 July. Behind a driver we drove along the Achterhoekse inland roads and enjoyed all the Achterhoekse Heren farms, striking houses and the endless Achterhoekse views. The ride was organized by hospitable hospitality facilities De Boldiek at Boldijk 6 in Halle. We were welcomed with Krentenmik and coffee. The entire photo report can be found at:

Leather bags for your Zündapp

Jo Benders from Nijmegen makes handmade leather bags for the Zündapp and Kreidler buffel tank. Jo has made a specific bag for each model, so that the line of the Zündapp is not disturbed. You may have seen Jo at the Zündapp parts fair in Wijchen. He is standing next to Piet Poot, immediately after the entrance on the right with some models. Various models are in stock and can be delivered quickly. If you want any information the leather bags, call Jo Benders in Holland on 024-3552143.

Zündapp parts trade show in Wijchen.

From 1996 the ZVC, in particular by Fred van den Berg and his team, organizes the Zündapp parts trade show in Wijchen. You can always succeed at this trade fair, if only to re-establish mutual ties and talk about our favorite brand. Even if you don't need anything, this Zündapp trade fair in Wijchen brings lots of fun and like-minded Zündapp enthusiasts.

The tour of Peter and Piet Poot in Merselo NL

The famous tour of Peter and Piet Poot in Merselo is getting closer to the agenda. On Saturday June 8 you can enjoy the Limburg and Brabant landscape from your classic moped or motorcycle. The tour is approximately 95 km through the beautiful nature of Limburg and Brabant. Specially for all older two-wheelers. The ride has been set out. Like every year, Piet and son Peter perfectly take care of the organization of this sympathetic ride.

Zundapp banned in The Hague.

Zundapp banned in The Hague? .. An article in the AD newspaper: