517-35 liste H KS-50 (Overgangsmodel)

Build year: 1977

(Transition model) Frame of 529. Somewhat confusingly, Zündapp GmbH temporarily used the old 517 type number at the introduction, because the type approval of the 517 was available earlier than the type 529 approval and they were in a hurry to get the "529" on the Dutch market. Steering and indicator lights as extra. In 1979, flashing lights were mounted in series.

 Motor type 280-75: a cylinder two-stroke.  Construction :: Block construction with attached 4-speed gearbox.  Cylinder capacity: 49.9 cc.  Bore: 39 mm ø.  Stroke: 41.8 mm.  Compression ratio: 1: 6.  Cooling: Wind cooling.  Lubrication: Mixer lubrication 1:25  Carburetor: Bing.  Type: 1/10/120.  Electrical installation:  Brand: Bosch.  Type: Flywheel / magnet light and ignition system.  Power: 6 Volt 33 Watt.  Spark plug / Heat: 175 (Bosch W7A).  Duplolamp: 6V 15/15 Watt.  Rear lamp: 6V 4 Watt.  Stop lamp: 6V 5 Watt.  Instrument lighting: 6V ... Watt.  Indicators: n.v.t.  Gear box:  Construction: Gearwheels with towball gear.  Number of Gears: 4.  Gearbox oil and Quantity: 350 cc. SAE 80.  Frame:  Construction: According to special process under high-pressure cast light metal.  Suspension for: Telescopic fork.  Oil filling per spring leg: 70 cc SAE 20.  Rear suspension: Float arm with Hydaulic damped spring elements.  Adjustable: no  Tire size: 2.75 x 17 ".  Tire pressure:  For with 1 person: 1.8 atm.  For with 2 people: 1.8 atm.  Behind with 1 person: 2.0 atm.  Behind with 2 people: 2.5 atm.  Brakes:  For: Disc brake  Diameter: 220 mmø.  Rear: full hub drum brake.  Diameter: 150 mmø.  Gas tank:  Total content: 13.5 liters.  Reserve: 2.4 liters.  Sizes and Weights:  Empty weight approx .: 86 KG.  Permitted total weight: 235 KG.