KS 80 Touring

Build year: 1981

The well-known 314-01 engine of 80 cc was mounted by Zundapp in a "Touring" version. The "stepped" saddle and the raised handlebar made the seat somewhat more comfortable. With its gold colored accents a decent bike and nowadays a popular one. Technical data are identical to the KS 80 models. He had 9 hp at 6,000 rpm and his top speed was 80 km / h.

Standard equipment: revolving, rectangular headlight of 6V with 35 / 35W, cockpit with speedometer and tachometer, ignition lock with indicator lights, 4-way turn signal, brake light, buddyseat with spoiler, open springs on sport shock absorbers rear, stainless steel fender, luggage carrier and 2 mirrors .

Built from 1981 - 1983