Build year: 1983

In 1983, when the decline of Zündapp due to declining sales began to show itself, the factory presented the Zündapp SX80 with type designation 540-15. It was the answer to the Yamaha DT and the Honda MT models. The 8 hp engine of 80cc was well ahead. Despite his modern monoshock rear suspension, he was not able to cope with the more advantageous Japanese competition.

Famel in Portugal has had the almost comparable Famel TT50 in its delivery program for many years.

D: Im Jahr 1983, as the Zusammenbruch von Zündapp durch rückläufige Umsätze was preparing Gestalt anzunehmen begann, Zündapp brought the SX 80 mit der Typenbezeichnung 540-15 to the Markt. That SX 80 war that Deutsche Antwort on that Yamaha DT und that Honda MT-Modelle. The SX 80 has a 80ccm and 8-PS engine. That Motor Type Bezeichnung war that 314-090. Trotz der modernen Monoshock-Hinterradaufhängung war Sie, gegenüber of bicker japanischen Konkurrenz kein Verkaufserfolg. That SX 80 was the only one that both raised Jahre bei Zündapp.

Famel in Portugal hated a few Jahre, that fast famed Famel TT50 in Angebot.

Photo property Manuel. SX80 Photo is hooted Manuel.