DB 201 (Norma serie)

Build year: 1950

The DB 201 is the first Zündapp model with the new telescopic front fork with long, specially adjusted suspension. The more than 15 years proven trapezoidal fork, which was mounted in the last DB 200, among other things, was replaced to improve driving comfort. The acquisition price was DM 1,290 at the time.

Motor one-cylinder two-stroke, driving wind cooled Cylinder capacity 198 cc Bore x Stroke 60 mm × 70 mm Power 7.5 pkbij 4000 / min Mixing lubrication 1:25 Carburetor Bing 2/22/13 Light 6 V / 60W

The complete series consisted of the DB 201, DB 202, DB 203 Comfort, DB 204 Norma and DB 234 Norma Luxus. Production ceased in 1953.

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