K 80

Build year: 1981

The first series was built on the basis of the CS50. The frame was reinforced, as was the swingarm. The front brake of the CS50 with its 120 mm drum brake was replaced by a 220 mm disc brake from Brembo. Exhaust was a Boysen 17. Was delivered in Ruby Red or Strato Silver.

Type: K 80 Model type: 540-010 Year of construction: 1982-1984 Motor type: 314-060 Motor type Single-cylinder, 2-stroke Cylinder capacity: 77 cc Power: 6.1 kW (8.3 HP) at 6000 / min Bore x Stroke: 46 x 47 mm Sec drive: Chain Acceleration: 5-foot switching Air-cooled. Top speed: 80 km / h Starter type Kickstarter Empty weight: 97 kg

Wheels for: 2.75-17 Rear wheels: 2.75-17 Tire pressure: 1.8 / 1.8 Front brake: Disc brake 220 mm Rear brake: Drum brake 120 mm Carburetor: Bing Type: 21/20/115

Vtw: 16 teeth Rear chain wheel: 39 teeth

Fuel tank: 10.5 liters Versne.bak: 0.45 Liter Mixing lubrication: 1:50 Electrical ignition: Contactless Thyristor ignition (Motoplat, Spain) 6V, 35-30-13 W, electronic ULO EBL Ignition coil with NC Battery 1Ah Spark plug: Bosch W 3 C

Photo made available by a club member of Zundappclub Achterhoek.