517-02 liste 1 Sport-Combinette

Build year: 1967

The Sport Combinette 517-02 liste 1 was equipped in 1967 with the 3-foot transmission 278-01 engine as standard. This engine had forced cooling. Although a model for the German market, there are currently several recently imported specimens in the Netherlands. Has never been delivered in the Netherlands, you can see that because of the lack of Starter cranks. Rare model in NL. It was delivered in Brillantblau metallic and Goldbeige metallic.

Dld: Sport-Combinette 517-02 liste 1 wurde im Jahr 1967 with the 3-Fußgang 278-01 Motor serienmäßig. Dieser Motor hatte Gebläsekühlung. Obwohl ein Modell für den deutschen Market gibt, fahre es mehrere eingeführten Models of um die Niederlande. War nie in the Netherlands beloved, Seltenes Modell in NL. There comb in Brillant Metallic Blue and Metallic Beige.

Model on the Marco appendix. Modell Anhang Eigentum Marco. Danke Marco.