517-35 Liste 1 GTS 50

Build year: 1971

This GTS 50 is known for the Arizona-gold color scheme. Closed chain guard, 120 mm front and rear brake drums and 4-foot type 280 engine block. Minitherm cylinder of 2.9 hp. Rubber covers around the front fork and closed rear shock absorbers, no visible spiral springs.

I think very little is delivered in the Netherlands. Very rarely you see him in touring. Seems very similar to the 517-35 Liste 0 Built from 1971 to 1973.

General GTS-50: The GTS-50 is a moped model from Zündapp and was built in 1972 (as 517 type) until the bankruptcy of Zündapp in 1984 produced in various versions. Air cooling was usually used, but in Germany the GTS with the 284 engine could be delivered from 1978 in a special version (Sondermodell) with 5 gears. The latest versions in 1984 the water-cooled and spie-switched 284-210 engine with 5 gears and a 280 cylinder with 2.9 hp as a moped model. Not sold here in the Netherlands. On the home market in Germany, the GTS-50 was delivered with the 284 engine as KKR (Klein Kraft Rad). The abbreviation GTS stands for Gussrahmen-Touring-Sport (Casting Frame Touring Sport). Finally, as a model 540, the GTS-50 was delivered with a new engine. This modern engine, type 314, had a claw-switched gearbox. The model 540 was only delivered for half a year, just before Zündapp GmbH went bankrupt. The phenomenal engine block 314 could not prevent this either.