517-35 Liste H KS-50

Build year: 1977

The KS-50 moped equipped with a 4-foot, engine type 280 with the new frame. We call these 529 types with the model name 517 "the Transition Model". Somewhat confusingly, in mid-1977, Zündapp GmbH temporarily used the old 517 type number in Holland at the introduction, because the type approval of the 517 was available earlier than the type 529 approval and it was almost to get the "529" on the Dutch market. Marginal deviations with respect to liste F. The details can be in the mounted exhaust, whisper / open. Colors: Green-Black, Gold / orange and Lazure / black. Stainless steel chain case. Motor type: one-cylinder two-stroke Gears: 4 footswitch Bore x Stroke: 39 mm ø x 41.8 mm Cooling: Rijwind Drum brake rear, for disc brake Grimeca casting wheels Specifics: Transition model. Steering tub was available as an extra. In 1979, flashing lights were mounted in series.