517-23 Liste 3 C-50 Super

Build year: 1969

The Zündapp with the "cable" clutch. The driving wind cooled 517 with 3 foot gearbox shifter. In the early 70s the foot-shifted mopeds were very popular. Zündapp presented the 517-23 in a hurry. This was a manual shifted moped, but the Zündapp mechanics had come up with some primitive construction to convert the manual gear to foot shifting with a modified time switch: a cable mechanism to the manual shift lever. The quality of this low quality Zündapp solution; it did not work for an inch and the cable always had to be adjusted or just broke. And the Zündapp mechanics in München had better engines available. Nowadays very popular, despite that mis-construction with the cable.

Motor: Type: 266-50 a cylinder two-stroke. Construction :: Block construction with attached gearbox. Cylinder capacity: 49.9 cc. Bore: 39 mm ø. Stroke: 41.8 mm. Compression ratio: 1: 8.5 Cooling: Forced cooling. Lubrication: Mixer lubrication 1:25. Carburetor Brand: Bing. Type: 1/10/820. Main jet: 58. Needle sprayer: 2.20.

Electrical installation: Brand: Bosch. Type: Flywheel / magnet light and ignition system. Power: 6 Volt 24 Watt. Spark plug / Heat: Bosch W175 Electrode distance: 0.4. Ignition timing: 1.8-2 mm for upper dead center. Duplolamp: 6V 15/15 Watt. Rear lamp: 6V 4 Watt. Stop lamp: 6V 5 Watt.