517-35 Liste 5 GTS-50 Super

Build year: 1972

The Zündapp 517 GTS-50 Super with its 4-foot switched engine was only available in the color speed orange. Where the CS-50 and the GT-50 still had the chrome bushes on the front fork and the GTS-50 Sport rubber covers, the Super had front rubber seals with a rubber tulle. The modern engines of that time also had that. Unfortunately, with a crank starter mechanism, orderded by Dutch legislation. New were, just for the "looks", two extra frame tubes from the headset to below the engine block. These had no function, but were very nice. New was also a separate headlight, no headlight nacelle. The rear shock absorbers had outer springs. The speedometer was mounted in the middle of the fork crown. An enviable moped.

Compared to the CS-50 and the GT-50, the GTS-Super had a 4-foot switched engine. Motor type 280.

General GTS-50: The GTS-50 is a moped model from Zündapp and was built in 1972  (as 517 type) until the bankruptcy of Zündapp in 1984 produced in various versions. Air cooling was usually used, but in Germany the GTS with the 284 engine could be delivered from 1978 in a special version (Sondermodell) with 5 gears. The latest versions in 1984 the water-cooled and spie-switched 284-210 engine with 5 gears and a 280 cylinder with 2.9 hp as a moped model. Not delivered here in the Netherlands. On the home market in Germany, the GTS-50 was delivered with the 284 engine as KKR (Klein Kraft Rad). The abbreviation GTS stands for Gussrahmen-Touring-Sport (Casting Frame Touring Sport). Finally, as a model 540, the GTS-50 was delivered with a new engine. This modern engine, type 314, had a claw-switched gearbox. The model 540 was only delivered for half a year, just before Zündapp GmbH went bankrupt. The phenomenal engine block 314 could not prevent this either.