441-01 C50 Super Mokick

Build year: 1968

Not imported in NL. Engine type: 266-010 single-cylinder two-stroke. Construction :: Block construction with attached gearbox. Kickstarter Cylinder capacity: 49.9 cc. Bore: 39 mm ø. Stroke: 41.8 mm. Compression ratio: 1: 8.5 Cooling: Forced cooling. Lubrication: Mixer lubrication 1:25. Carburetor Brand: Bing Type: 1/10/82 Main jet: 56 Needle sprayer: 2.17 Electrical installation: Brand: Bosch. Type: Flywheel / magnet light and ignition system. Power: 6 Volt 23 Watt. Duplolamp: 6V 15/15 Watt. Billux Rear lamp: 6V 3 Watt. Stop lamp: 6V 5 Watt. Gear box: Construction: Gearwheels with towball gear. Manual. Number of Gears: 3. Gearbox oil and Quantity: 350 cc. SAE 80. Gearbox ratios: 1st Acceleration: 2,470. 2nd Acceleration: 1,476. 3rd Acceleration: 0.962. 4th gear: not applicable. Coupling: Multiple wet plates. Frame: Construction: According to special process under high-pressure cast light metal. Fuel tank depending. Brakes: For: Drum brake. Diameter: 120 mmø. Rear: Drum brake. Diameter: 120 mmø. Gas tank: Total content: 7.1 ltr., Approx. 0.75 ltr. Reserve