Zundapp 448

There are 3 types / versions of the Zundapp 448 model.

The "cheaper" made Zündapps. The competition with the Japanese models could now be felt. Sold as type 448 in many forms from 1979 to 1982 in various European countries. With motor type 278 and 280. With 3-hand and as 3 or 4 foot geared model. The only aluminum was in the rims and the engine block, otherwise metal, or rather a bit irreverent: tin. Nevertheless, the combination of the extremely reliable engine block with a well-built frame made for a fine moped. They were available as a light moped (25 km/h max) and as a normal moped with 45 km/h max. You often see them during touring and if the maintenance is in order, they will last forever. The model names were: CS-50, Sprinter, HAI-50, CX-25 and CS25 in various appearances.

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